I live in Queensland, Australia and have been interested in art from the time I was old enough to realise you could do more with a pencil than eat it (a long, long time ago) and any flat surface was fair game.  I am a self taught artist specialising in pet portraits ( but I am always looking for new things to try - so back in January 2014 when I stumbled across a website featuring this new form of 3D resin art (I think I was googling brushes at the time) I knew I just had to give it a try. 

The process involves painting on layer after layer of resin to create artwork with a perception of depth and realism.  It is a time consuming process as each layer of resin has a 24 hour drying time and there are at least 6 layers in each piece.  There has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears (well okay no blood) along the way but I learn a little more with each piece.

Sometimes when people see my work they get the same look

on their face as you do when you think you have stepped in

something .. you know the one .. you cautiously lift your foot, look

underneath and realise that yes, you did step in it ... and there's that

look of eeuuwww!  Before they can hit their speed dial for the animal

protection society I tell them that there are no real fish in the artwork ...

I am not a taxidermist, I'm an artist and they are made up of acrylic paint. 

The rocks however are real (but no one seems to mind that).  One customer

said that my work was "disturbingly awesome" and I loved it so have kept it

as my catch phrase.

I love creating my 3D artworks and watching them gradually come to life.  

This type of artwork is something that is very unique and out of the ordinary.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.

I also paint pet portraits traditionally and on river rocks.  You might like to take a look at my portraits on my website at

Thanks for visiting.

Jan Singleton