Ialso paint pet portraits and river rocks so you might like to take a look at my website dedicated to my other artwork.  Stone and Canvas Portraits

3D Resin Art

Every piece is original and individual - no two pieces are ever exactly the same.

My aim is to create artwork that brings a smile to your face and a creation that you fall in love with. 

The part of "Turbo's" shell that is protruding from the "water" is made from resin. The rest of him is painted 

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To enable part of "Oscar" to protrude out of the "water" I made his body from clay. The rest of him is acrylic paint.

"John West" is made up of 7 layers of painted resin

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My 3D resin artwork is created through a process of gradually painting on layers of resin to produce artwork with a perception of depth and realism.   The resin is poured into the container and painted in acrylics, layer by layer revealing more of the creature on each layer and building depth.  The number of layers in each piece varies depending on the size of the work with the minimum being 6 layers.  One of my works recently was 45 layers and took 3 months to finish.

The only objects in this artwork that are not painted are the rocks, coins or shells in the piece.  The fish and plants are totally made up of layers of paint - I have not used plastic, paper, cardboard or any other material (and especially not real fish) to create this artwork.  I have used clay on my other creatures such as the turtle and octopus that have part of their body protruding from the "water" .